RegistryBit Solution

RegistryBit Protecting Your Digital Worklife

Are you an Artist, Author, Designer, Graphic Illustrator, Journalist, Musician, Photographer? Do you own a small business that creates contracts or scheduled reports of any kind? Are you a lawyer creating legal documents? If you are any of the above and you create original work you need RegistryBit for authentication of documents.

In seconds RegistryBit creates a public record – in the form of a digital fingerprint, of your work and time stamps it to the global blockchain. Not only does this process establish the existence of your work but also its authenticity, time and date of creation helping you protect your efforts and way of life.

With RegistryBit there is no question as to who created what – and when.  And every processed work is backed up by thousands of servers from around the world on a network that is bigger than all of the largest search engines.

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