How it works

How it Works

The Internet has allowed for the rapid of expansion of fraud, copywrite violations and the theft of intellectual property and creative work product.  There needs to be a simple way to for authors, designers, photographers, graphic artists, and other people including business people/legal industry (contracts, agreements, wills/trusts) whom create original works to establish that fact and protect originality. RegistryBit allows anyone to protect their digital work product instantly and for faction of the cost of traditional options.  Any file format (pdf, doc, mp3, mp4, jpg, xls, database, 1000’s of others–anything) can be submitted for protection.  And no file is too big.

  1. The file processed locally on your PC.  It is NOT uploaded–we do NOT have a copy of it.  Only a  digital fingerprint of the file is created and passed to us.
  2. The digital fingerprint is then published to the global blockchain where a time & date stamp is applied.
  3. The fingerprint cannot be “reverse engineered” to create the original document. Just like they can’t make you from your fingerprint.
  4. Anyone can then compare their copy of  file against the blockchain to validate it has remained unchanged and when it was created. If the file is changed in anyway—even a single period moved in a 1000 page document or a single frame in a 2 hour HD movie the file will fail validation.
  5. With our solution you can decide how much information about the file you wish to share with others—remember you keep the file not us.  You share the original file not us.

What makes the RegistryBit different from other registries?  RegistryBit utilizes the global public blockchain; thus there is no central database of information to get hacked.  Even if RegistryBit site goes down or the company goes out of business–your work STAYS PROTECTED.  How cool is that?

Ok, sounds interesting right?  Best way to really understand it is to do it.  In less than 2 minutes you account can be setup and you can start protecting your work.  GET STARTED NOW.

Or, more questions?  Interested in finding out more about the blockchain and our technology?  We have that as well, check out our Help Center.