Plan Comparision – KYC

Validated (paid plans with KYC) vs Non-Validated (free plan no KYC)

All files are fingerprinted and posted to the global blockchain as per our Technology FAQ page. The difference between plans is about you and how we can present results to 3rd parties who want to verify files that have been shared.

It all comes down to KYC–“Know Your Customer”. This is a very familiar term in banking and the financial sector. It means that the business knows who its customer is. With our Free plan we don’t really know you. We only ask for an email confirmation; that is not asking for much. For some people that is fine.

With our paid plans we use a 3rd party to validate your identity. We simply take the information you give us on the sign-up form and ask them to check if you are a real person. Simple but important.

With KYC when someone comes and asks about a file you shared we can now say “Yes, Alexa Smith created this file!” This is critical in today’s world of Internet Fraud.

Bottom line if you are sharing your work for business you need to be validated–thus our paid plan is the best option. In addition with our paid plan you are allowed to process 1000 files a monthy–more than enough for just about anyone. Our Free Plan is limited to 30 files a month.

Free Plan
Non-Validated User
File Check Results
Paid Plans
Validated User
File Check Results