RegistryBit – Terms & Conditions Page

Terms & Condition of Services

RegistryBit is provided by BlockchainSoft Inc.

To utilize the technology offered on our Website ( you must check the Agree Box at checkout next to the link Terms & Conditions of Service.  By checking this box it means that you have READ THIS ENTIRE AGREEMENT AND AGREE TO IT.  The sign-up process will prevent you from creating an account until you agree.  So take the time to read it–this document is simple, short and to the point.  Understanding our working relationship will reduce confusion.

You signed up for one of these plans:

PlanCostMonthly File LimitTerms
FreeFree30We can cancel or change terms at any time at our discretion. There are no long term contracts; you can cancel at any time.
Monthly Business$18 Per Month1000We can cancel or change terms at any time at our discretion. There are no long term contracts; you can cancel at any time.
Yearly Business$172 Per Year1000We can cancel or change terms at any time at our discretion. There are no long term contracts; you can cancel at any time.
PromotionAdjust plan price above accordingly.


All paid plans are set to auto-renew until you cancel and will bill on the anniversary you signed up.  For monthly plans that is approximately 30 day cycles. For yearly plans the billing cycle is approximately 365 days.


BCS.INC is short for BlockchainSoft Incorporated.

Privacy & General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)

We are NOT in the business of selling your data to anyone.  We consider all our business together totally confidential.  While we are an American Company we adhere to the European GDPR Standard–the strictest Consumer Privacy Rights in the world.  In short you have “The right to be forgotten”.  Thus when you leave us all information about you and the data* you created, other than blockchain transactions, is deleted FOREVER unless it is required by law: for example the history of credit card billings etc.

*GDPR Privacy Table

Your personal information and file meta data can be completed deleted. Remember we NEVER save your original file. It is processed locally in your web browser or "hashed & trashed" by the system API for enterprise connections.Blockchain transactions cannot be deleted -- EVER. But there is absolutely no record of you or the actual file save on the blockchain. That information is kept in an "off-chain" database and can be erased.

The blockchain transaction only contains the SHA256 file hash which is meaningless. Even the creation of the transaction on the blockchain is created by our system wallet --- not you.

The Public Blockchain

RegistryBit utilizes the BitcoinCash global public blockchain.  The ticker symbol is  “BCH”.  Market data can be viewed on GDAX or CoinMarketCap.  RegistryBit has absolutely no control or influence on the BitcoinCash network and makes absolutely guarantee for it.  If the BitcoinCash blockchain network fails or ceases operation all your digital fingerprints will be gone forever rendering our service useless.  By utilizing RegistryBit you are fully aware of this risk and are willing to accept total loss of all your blockchain based data.

You Agree To A Background Check For Paid Plans

Our Free Plan only requires a confirmed email address.  We know nothing about you.  Thus when 3rd parties use Verify File on our website the results will state you, as a person, are “Non-Validated”.  Even a robot can create an email address these days… you may or may not care about validation.

For business purposes, in our opinion, it is CRITICAL to others to know that you are validated.  Our system is designed to provide proof of not only your file creation but of you.  Therefore we will conduct a BACKGROUND CHECK at OUR EXPENSE to make sure you are who you say you are.  This is extremely valuable to your customers–that the file, document, work product, etc., that they are checking is in its original form and created by you.

WE DO NOT GATHER ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOU ON THIS CHECK.  WE ONLY PASS THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE ON THE SIGN-UP FORM TO A BACKGROUND CHECK PROVIDER AND ASK THEY CONFIRM YOU ARE REAL.  THEY TELL US ONLY YES OR NO.  We do not pass credit card or banking information–only your name and address.  This is NOT a credit check–only a human check.  If you come back as a real person then your account creation is completed.  If it comes back as a no–your account application is rejected.

Your Responsibility to Act Nice

You agree to use our system for only legitimate and legal means to be judged at our sole discretion.  If we don’t like what you are doing for any reason we can cancel your account and delete you from our system.  Rest assured we will make an attempt to resolve any issues prior to that.


Misrepresentation by you or about you will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal and blockage from our system.  Misrepresentation also includes your Work Product.  You are not allowed to post other’s work.  You are only allowed to process a file on our system if it’s yours, your work, or you have the right to do so (for example a Legal Admin working for a Lawyer).

Our Responsibility to You

There is absolutely no guarantee of service, uptime, availability of our system or the blockchain AND you agree to indemnify us from any loss to you, related or 3rd parties resulting in the use of our system.  Under no circumstances can our monetary responsibility to you ever exceed the fees we collected from you for providing your service; even if we are found guilty of gross negligence.   

Our responsibility to you is simply “self-policing” — if our system does not work we will not be in business long.  Rest assured it is our goal to provide awesome service and 100% uptime.

Legal Venue

BlockchainSoft Inc., is a Florida Corporation based in the United States of America, in the County of Palm Beach.  Any and all legal disputes with us shall be governed by Florida Law and any disagreements shall be resolved in the Court of Palm Beach County.

Amendments to this Agreement

We can change this agreement at any time without notice.  It is your responsibility to check this page as needed and prior to engagement in any disputes.  We may send out notices and updates to this Agreement or changes to our plans/offerings.

Company Information & Legal Notification

All legal notices or actions must be sent in physical writing to the address below with a tracking number.  Please email the tracking number (FedEx, UPS, DHL, Postal Services etc,) to the email address below.

BlockchainSoft Inc.
760 US Highway One, Suite 303
North Palm Beach, FL 33408