RegistryBit Protecting Your Digital Worklife

Don’t wait, protect your work now! In less than one minute you can register your written agreements, policies and procedures on the global blockchain and shut the door on those expensive lawsuits & misunderstandings.

When you register your files – personal or business, on Registrybit a permanent public record of the existence of your file is created in the form of a unique digital fingerprint that lives on the blockchain forever.  It’s there when you need it and hidden in plain sight when you don’t.  With Registrybit no one can question the time and date your creative efforts occurred.

Start protecting your work today. Simply complete the sign-up form to create your account and harness the power of the blockchain.

See what others are saying about our service:

“I could not live without it, for only a penny I know my files and work cannot be disputed.”
Maryanne R., Boston MA

“RegistryBit is the solution that you don’t think about until it is too late, like insurance. It’s insurance for my customer contracts; now they can’t say those famous words ‘I never got that email’. ”
Bob J., LA

“So easy to use, in just a few seconds my work is protected on the blockchain–could not be easier.”
Lilly H., Chicago IL